Software Development Engineer (Remote SDE-1)

Chennai, India

Short summary of the job: In this position, you are expected to try Deep Learning models from open source to process unstructured data and create pipelines for our products. 


  • Strong knowledge in Python, software engineering architectures 

  • OCR Tesseract,  OpenCV, Flask, FastAPI, SqlAlchemy, Numpy, pytorch 

  • Object-oriented programming

Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring Requirements 

·        A University degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, and/or related field. Preferred

·        Minimum 1 years of experience in Information Technology in the field of data science and data analytics.

·        Analysis: Identify and understand issues, problems, and opportunities; compare data from different sources to draw conclusions

·        Demonstrated ability to effectively balance multiple responsibilities which may frequently change

·        High degree of professionalism and personal integrity

·        Ability to work with a high degree of independence

·        Excellent analytical skills

·        Able to remain calm under pressure

Must Have

·       Should be a competitive programmer and well versed in Algorithms

Should have knowledge on Time/Space complexity analysis and design patterns

Should have experience working with Flask, SQLAlchemy, FastAPI, HTML, CSS

Should have good understanding of OOPS

Should be proficient in using VScode IDE, conda environments, Docker containers and images.

Should have basics oof Unix shell scripting

Experience working with any of Pytorch, Numpy, OpenCV, Huggingface Transformers, Elastic Search, will be given preference

Ability to work with containerized solutions: Docker/Compose/Swarm/Kubernetes

Unit testing, Test driven development practice

Familiarity with code production standards and version control systems

DevOps, Continuous integration/ continuous deployment experience

Agile development environment experience, familiarity with SCRUM