Android / React-Native App Development (WFH)

Chennai, India

An idea applicant:  Person, who is proficient at creating Hybrid mobile apps using Android(Java), React-Native and who have experience integrating with server resources.


We need a web app along with Andriod Customized views / develop as per the designer mock 

Integrate backend with Axios for all React views, and with Retrofit for mobile-only views 

The app should follow Neomorphism design principles wherever applicable 

Morph transitions between views 

Login/signup with google/facebook authentication [Mobile number is must] 

Login signup should be minimalistic with OTP as well. 

No need to work on server-side implementation, but need to work on serverside integration by coordinating with the inhouse developers 

Must Have

Skillset:: React Native, Native Android 

App Requirements

Below views as per the designer mocks 

1. Login, Signup [wizard] 

2. Profile 

3. Chat view [mobile only] - video link/achievements to be shared on social media 

4. Maps view [like Playsee app] 

5. Status videos on top of maps [like Playsee app] 

6. Community view - post, like, comment, share options 

7. Gamification [Unlock avatars on 3 friends signup] [mobile only] 

8. Floating mic with morph animations in all views [mobile only] 

9. Payment gateway integration 

Separate role-based login for the below views 

1. Login, Signup [wizard] 

2. Profile 

3. Create an assessment 

4. Create a course 

5. Schedule assessments 

6. Upload notes

What's great in the job?

  • 100% Work From Home
  • Flexible work hours
  • Great culture, we consider disturbing on weekends or your free time a sin